Daniel Finley Bio


Daniel Finley is a Thai-American photographer, artist, and filmmaker. Dannyjive.com is the collection of all the things that come out his brain. Here you'll find anything from his old talents to his new adventures. 

Dan started out wanting to be a comic book artist, attending The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design as an illustration major, but quickly found himself acting in Chicago where he earned a SAG card. Despite the incoming work, he was not interested in sitting by the phone and waiting for a call from his agent, so he moved into screenwriting and directing. When digital cameras started shooting video, he found himself taking photos in addition to video and managed to win some awards and get published. The incoming clientele forced him to create Dannyjive LLC, a multi-media production company that brought clients like PBS, McCann Erickson, Gettys, Hilton, Wiley-Blackwell, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barclays Bank, ESI, Big Pink, Viceland, and a plethora of independent companies, magazines, artists, and musicians. Dan has won multiple awards as a photographer, writer, director, and has had his work displayed in Time Square. He's currently working on his first novel.

Here are a few career highlights:

  • A New York Times featured filmmaker

  • Inducted into the Nikon Emerging Photographer Hall of Fame

  • Award-winning screenwriter

Dan Finley was born and raised in Cudahy, WI and has subsequently lived in Chicago, New York City, and now resides in Los Angeles. Because people sometimes wonder, Dan is half-Thai (mom), half-white (dad), and yes... the food he grew up with was amazing- and not just in a, 'my mom cooks the best food,' kind of way.

On the Meyer-Briggs personality test, Dan is an INTJ-A. You can read more about what that means here.


Daniel’s work is very deliberate and thoughtful. It’s fresh, impactful and makes me smile. I note that Dan shoots with a filmmaker’s eye which in my opinion, gives him an edge.
— Scott Bourne, President of Bourne Media Group
Again, it was a pleasure working with you, and I can say that you’ve been the most professional and pleasant director that I’ve ever worked with. I loved how you gave us freedom to act the way we felt was best, but at the same time you directed us to get the best results.
— Shirin Caiola, Actor
Daniel has an incredible command of his craft and has a proven talent in writing, producing, and directing. I’ve watched as he has improved an idea, putting that final element of ‘pop’ on a piece that we didn’t think we could take any further. He’s not just creative, but also extremely reliable and well prepared. A very rare find in my experience.
— Richard Cohen, Writer/Producer/Director at Three Color Films
Daniel is a professional committed to excellence in filmmaking and is often modest in his assessment of his own abilities. He’s a pleasure to work with.
— Niles Maxwell, Director, Balanced Productions, LLC
I’ve found Daniel to be very insightful and a pleasure to work with. He establishes a relaxed and laid-back environment, but remains focused and diligent. He has an eye for talent and a keen sense of what does or doesn’t work, and his diverse expertise covers all aspects of the filmmaking process, from the script all the way to hands-on production. He loves making films—you can see it in his enthusiastic work ethic.
— Boris Wexler, Writer/Director/Producer pillow-talks.tv
Personally, I have worked with Daniel as a director and writer and can testify to his commitment to his craft and his determination to do only his best work.
— Giau Troung, Co-Artistic Director of Pintig Cultural Group
Daniel’s work ethic is of a very high standard. His performance and his attitude in handling changes have been excellent. Companies often have difficulties seeking the right talent for their organizations. I would recommend Daniel to any company.
— Peggy Folstrom, Midwest Airlines
Daniel was a pleasure to work with; he took last minute changes in stride and still delivered a quality product within looming deadlines. His openness to other people’s opinions and ideas added to a smooth development process and created an outstanding piece of work. His level of professionalism, creativity, skills, and speed helped make our project a success.
— Lindie Dimmick, Co-Chairman of the United Performing Arts Fund Campaign for Northwestern Mutual